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Nothing speaks louder about a company that words from their clients.
Have a look below at what some of the landlords, companies and residents have said about us.
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Dennis Taylor
Head Surgeon
The hero always saves the day, or should I say, HALO saved the day!
I was able to get quick, affordable and a beautiful apartment a few days after  I was blown out by another accommodation provider.
Halo's responsive team handled the process so smoothly, it's almost as if all I had to do was pay. Thank you, Halo!
After having enough of renting my properties I was on the verge of selling my portfolio but then someone recommended me to speak to Halo Suites.
Halo Suites have since been looking after my properties and renting them without me having to get involved at all. They even made beautiful refurbishments which is great for us as it increases the value of our property. We are really happy with their service and best of all, not having to do much and still get our rent.
Director of Operations
We've worked with a few companies which provide apartments close to what we expect, but no one has ever matched the quality and service which Halo Suites provide.
Our employees have enjoyed their stays, whether short or long term, in Halo Suites apartments. They're fully equipped and ready to move in. 
We will continue to use Halo Suites for our employees, keep it up! 
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